Create Sliding Room Divider for Bedroom

Aug 28th

Sliding Room Divider – Sliding screens provide an affordable and flexible solution to divide multipurpose rooms. If you have two children sharing a room or simply need to hide the trash-free room unavoidable overnight guests, sliding dividers bedroom suit your changing needs and add style and functionality to any bedroom. Mark the lines with pencil on two of the floors and the roof at the point where you want the front bedroom wall panels to sit. Draw a chalk line from one end of the room to the other to ensure straight, including guidelines for its ski sliding panels. Hang the plumb line from the ceiling track to the floor track line corresponding to verify the signals for the floor and ceiling are lined up exactly.

The Sliding Room Divider
The Sliding Room Divider

Measure around each line of the width of a panel. Add 1/4 inch to the width to allow sliding room divider system smooth sliding and mark lines for dividing the second set of tracks. Place the front tracks centered on the lines marking the line of what appears in the middle of the holes drilled screws. Secure the divider tracks bedroom to the floor and the ceiling using the drill and screws.

The Sliding Room Divider
Small Sliding Room Divider
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Sliding Room Divider Interior
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Measure and mark a “T” centered panel thickness approximately 2 1/2 inches from the long side of the upper face. Repeat in upper and lower faces of all panels. Center hole drilling equipment roller on the brand and connect with the drill and screws. Repeat on each side along the upper and lower faces of all panels for sliding room divider.

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