DIY Installing Wire Closet Organizers

Nov 11th

Wire closet organizers – are by far the easiest and most versatile form of closet organizer. Just follow these simple steps and convert your catastrophic closet into an oasis of order and cleanliness. Clear out your closet. Remove everything inside your closet. Make a list of cabinet contents. Distinguish the different “residents” in your closet. Identify the main content will help you think about the most appropriate design for your wire closet.

Full Over Full Bunk Beds Atlantic
Full Over Full Bunk Beds Atlantic

Remove hanging bars and shelves installed. Fill any gaps seen in the wall with filler compound to flatten closet walls and grinding, if necessary. Identify how much hanging space you will need. Measure the height of your longest garment and use it as your final measurement. Find the wall studs. Proceed to the actual installation to make all the necessary measurements and evaluations. Begin by finding studs in your wall for wire closet organizers.

Wire Closet Organizers
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Wire Closet Organizers Images
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Install the support rails according to your design pattern. Afterwards assemble drawers and attach them to the previously installed mounting rails. Before rearranging your closet items, make sure clean the newly installed wire closet, wipe the dust and get rid of any dirt from the construction. Afterwards, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having wire closet organizers.

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