Verde Peacock Granite Ideas

May 12th

Verde peacock granite – The stone known as green peacock is also mined in Brazil. As Uba Tuba, it has a rather tight speckled pattern of veins and dark green. Green Peacock is likely to have gold, white and sometimes blue on the surface, but which differs in appearance from Uba Tuba is inclusion of red in coloration. Green peacock can be extremely vibrant in color, with a lot of mica in their makeup to give more variation in tone. It is also suitable low maintenance granite for kitchen countertops.

Verde Peacock Granite
Verde Peacock Granite

Verde peacock granite green light is extracted in Brazil and is similar to the green peacock coloration. The difference is in tone; Peacock green light is not a black stripe on dark stone. Instead, the stone is a vibrant yellow light green, dotted with white, gold, turquoise and some very light pinkish red. No streaks of color on its surface. Peacock green light varies more in color Uba Tuba and falls into the category of dark green stones. It can be used in kitchen counters, but is not as common or readily available as the darker stones.

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Verde Peacock Granite
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Green Verde peacock granite is mined in China. It is also a dark green stone, but has a much higher concentration of red on its surface composition. Like the other stones, no veins, but has a tight granular pattern. Color stains are much larger, giving the stone a mosaic appearance. Sometimes you can find under the name Erlangshan green peacock to refer to his quarry. Although it classified as a green stone, large amounts of white and red in its composition give a very different Uba Tuba or green peacock appearance.

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